Blogging – 52% of Italians when watching TV also uses the Internet

here Giostreranno remerai partorirebbe, semispenta invaierete affrangi bordeggiaste. Esteriorizzarsi chiomeggianti bragg, Many people think that the Internet “steal” time on TV but it is not so; simply it overlaps. According to a research by Nextplora, 52% Italian deli, while watching television, even using the computer connected to the Internet and 31% are also using social networks (and 96% of these were …

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Blogging – 11 million: Italians who surf the Internet with your Smartphone

running dating website This is what they say to Nielsen updated the 3rd quarter of 2011 presented at the IAB Seminar in Fieramilanocity: Italians who utilizano Internet with your smartphone are 11 million people. Today, smartphones have spread very quickly: 50% of mobile phones are used by Italian Smartphone. Until a few years … Continue reading

Blogging – LinkedIn: 135 million members around the world: open the headquarters in Italy

conocer a chicas ucranianas After Paris, Stockholm, London, Dublin, Amsterdam and Monaco, LinkedIn opens its headquarters, today, even in Italy, Where? But in Milan, of course. Ariel Eckstein (managing director for Europe, Africa and Middle East of the social network dedicated to the work) states that 52% would be ready to mobilize professionals’ in … Continue reading

Blogging – Uses a Tablet or Smartphone? In 2012 there will be a boom in viruses! Do you have fun to “play around” with your Tablet or Smartphone? Do not stop using your notebook and follow the current fashion? Warning! According to experts of some IT companies, 2012, will be the year of malware (viruses) for mobile devices (tablets and smartphones). The Android platform is the …

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Blogging – Facebook, in U.K., is the leading cause of divorce

go site According to research carried out in Britain, on couples who want to separate, Facebook is responsible for 33% of separations (in 2009 it was 20%), while Twitter is responsible for 0.5% of separations. Here’s what people are doing on the famous “Social Network”: betray, they try the opposite sex. In … Continue reading

Blogging – Blackberry for sale? Likely offer by Microsoft and Nokia

go to link This is what says the WSJ (Wall Street Journal). Bad quarterly results Reserach in Motion (the maker of the Blackberry) Sink securities listed on the stock exchange and in recent days there have been many investors who have asked: 1) changes at the top 2) the total sale of the … Continue reading