7 million Italians will buy Christmas gifts on the Internet

It says a search: TNS International carried out on behalf of eBay.it

The major traffic flows and purchases, planned for the day:
December 12, 2011, via the mobile platform
and December 19, 2011, via traditional computers.

Where the Italians will buy gifts?
On the Web, of course.

How many will they be?
Over 7 million people.

Purchases from the phone:
– 10% will buy them ‘from your mobile phone

Italian undecided?
For all there is a delay in holiday shopping:
61% of Italians will start ‘to think about Christmas presents only in December,
and 18% will wait ‘the last days to buy their Christmas gifts.

The most ‘sought after and cherished gifts are:
– Travel (23%),
– Clothing and footwear (13%)
– Watches and Jewels (9%)

The reasons of buying online:
– 77% for the bargain price
– 59% time savings for
– 52% for this great offer
– 50% because ‘you can’ do at any time, without time constraints

The street furniture purchases on eBay in 2010, were: $ 2 billion.
In 2011 it is forecast to around 5 billion dollars.

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