Facebook, worth 100 billion dollars. IPO between April and June 2012

The Wall Street Journal announced that Facebook is set to arrive on the stock exchange, through a planned maxi I.P.O. 10 billion dollars that could present between April and June 2012.

The documents to the SEC to initiate the procedure for listing, will be ready by the end of 2011.

Facebook, its expected value is 100 billion dollars, but much will depend on ‘from the market and the European economy, as for now, and no final decision’ has yet been taken on the final value of the company ‘.

Facebook, now has 800 million registered users.
The value of these users is estimated at an annual turnover of $ 4 billion.

In addition, Facebook will have to disclose their financial information by April 2011.

But why?
Why will exceed the threshold of 500 shareholders and S.E.C. It requires all companies with more than 500 shareholders to communicate, mandatory and publicly their financial information.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, the social network has a market share estimated at around 24 billion dollars.

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