jobs: Trafficker Manager Milano

Traffickers charge
Location: Milan
Information Technology Internet

Ad Description:
Primary Agency Web leading international
looking for a: Traffickers Responsible for:
– Explore new technologies and products for search engines;
– Plan, execute and manage the department’s initiatives, including the sharing of best practices;
– Improve the performance of campaigns to search engine marketing campaigns and search engine optimization for clients
more complex;
– Manage to performance campaigns;
– Loading of the campaigns in redirects and management reporting by ad server;
– Management of planning, preparation and control of materials for the Direct Mail Advertising campaigns (DEM);
– Support the technical preparation of materials and creativity in Ad Server implementation, implementation of the tracking code, verification and online display of banners / creativity within the partner / dealer sites;
– Resolution of the problems that can arise independently or with the assistance of relevant international media;
– Management of planning, preparation and control of materials for campaigns on mobile platform (SMS, MMS, MMS Video, WAP-Push);
– Management of relations with the dealerships for all activities relating to redirect in campaigns;
– Customer advice for tracking visits to sites, in relation to the campaigns in redirect, investment optimization and performance monitoring;
– PPT presentations of results from continuing redirect campaigns.

Requirements for the position:
The ideal candidate must have completed at least 2 years experience in a similar position. It must have excellent knowledge of the functioning of advertising on the search engines.
They are required good skills in SEO / SEM and is appreciated coming from media centers.
– Know the ad servers (Doubleclick, Atlas, Bluestreak, Eyeblaster, Kiwari Direct DEM, HP DART, wunderLOOP);
– Demonstrate data analysis capabilities;
– To have problem solving skills;
– Able to identify the positions of the plane who had the best results (especially in the case of performance campaigns);
– fluent English;

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