Italian turnover for Internet Sites to October 2011: Display and Affiliate

Net turnover – DISPLAY: 38,858,000.00 Euro

Net turnover – AFFILIATES: 25,082,000.00 Euro

Net Revenues – TOTAL: 63,940,000.00 Euro

Data provided by ‘Osservatorio FCP Assointernet

DISPLAY = On page Off page + Video + adv + Mobile advertising direct + Mobile display advertising Newsletters + / e-mail advertising + Other types.

AFFILIATE = Performance + Classified / Directories
The values ​​represent the advertising revenues (aggregated by type of product) of the Dealers who declare their data to the Observatory FCP-Assointernet.

Search for the type, this figure includes the estimated value by the Observatory FCP-Assointernet of Google’s revenue.

The Dealers who declare their FCP-Assointernet Observatory Data: AdSolutions; Advit; Arcus; Banzai; Good morning; ClassPubblicità; Dada; Ed. Condé Nast; Finelco; Hearst; Hi Media; Leonardo ADV; Free SRL; Manzoni; Matrix; Mediamond; Microsoft MSN.IT; Publikompass; Publitalia; RCS; Reed Business; SEAT; Sipra; Sky Advertising; SPE; SPM; Sportnetwork; Tag Advertising; TGADV; Tiscali; Tradedoubler; WebAds; Websystem Il Sole 24 Ore; Yahoo! Italy.

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