USA provided $ 25 billion by 2015 for the market: E-Learning

here According to data published by the “Steel project”, presented at the conference organized at the Institute of educational technologies of C.N.R., in Rome, today, a growing world market of e-learning. According to estimates, only in the U.S.A., the distance learning sector will reach ‘the 25 billion dollars by 2015.
In Western Europe and ‘already the second investment area.

Finax purchase usa E-learning is experienced as part of the University ‘telematics.

Forecasts indicate that in Eastern Europe the distance education (e-learning) will grow ‘by 24%
Asia 30%
and Africa 18%.

hydrochlorothiazide 40 mg The e-learning ‘was identified as one of five strategic areas for the development of the Information Society in the European Union.

In addition, e-learning, according to the National center for technology innovation of the American institute for research, is among the 10 most ‘significant innovations of the next 20-30 years, along with alternative energy, nanotechnology, intelligent robots, the ‘virtual education and distance learning.

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