Cosmetic surgeon OnLine? Users seek him on the Web

Now gone the times of the “old glories” and in this case the category “Cosmetic surgeon” who for years underestimated the Internet and its potential.
Users look for and prefer to who is online, and not those who do not even know what an e-mail!
Now, the whole category “Cosmetic surgeon” cries “wolf wolf!”. Many appeals of the US specialists also call for caution with Italian press releases which they say state that: “The Internet is not the right way, forums and social networks which discusses cosmetic surgery can lead to wrong decisions based on certainties and invalid criteria “and invite users to” look at the curriculum of physicians before undergoing the interventions. ”
Of course, that people look at the C.V. doctors, but the choice is made online and passes mainly through the web and no longer using the old and obsolete traditional channels (knowledge – and recommendations – editor’s note)
Too late: the process is now irreversible.
Off to the new generations and technology.
Other than invitation to “caution”! They are all losing customers, thanks to the potential of the Web.
Therefore, the message must be:
“Look at the C.V., before choosing the Vs. doctor, and do it online”

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