Damage Course SEO and Web Marketing Specialist

it is a few years that I think, and the analysis of S.E.R.P.s known major changes: many “SEO specialist” consultants last hour that invade the top positions of Google, trying to “sell themselves to the fullest.”

The question is, who has spurred them?
Who but the SEO Specialist courses?

How to convince someone that the corsettino bought it work?
Simple: delude him to be “self-promotion”: the internet is great there is room for everyone!

Wrong: the internet is limited to the first 10 positions in the first page of Google,
and “All” can not is access.

So, on Google.it there will be only 10 lucky SEO Specialist, to have the visibility had been hoping for. All other arrancheranno for a few months, and eventually give up … apart from some “dumb SEO” I’ve known for years, and that scopiazza everything and everyone: “You’re a disgrace to any seo” know this! :-p (close bracket – ed)

Years ago I tried to do one page summarizing the TOP SEO Italians, which ranked for several years in the first 3 positions on Google.it, then I decided to change the domain of the site, because I wanted to do my test, and not “anchor myself the old domain. ”

If you think well you who read, for SEO, you have to know how to locate several sites, of various categories, and you can not tell the customer: my site is the first in the search engines for the usual keywords in the industry, while the site the customer in the end we do not know which side to start :-p.

Then there is some “old glory of SEO” that confuses the role of the programmer with that of SEO, and sometimes is unleashed online with his theories. Speaking of “old glory SEO”: it is rumored that an SEO and a programmer took the .xls files of clients of this agency and “stole” all customers. After so many years, I finally understand why it is still so “altered” :-p

Then there are the Employment Agencies and “mythical” Head Hunter who make a “soup” of terms, and seek “Super Man SEO SEM WEB MARKETING SOCIAL WEB PROJECT MANAGER SPECIALIST”.
Put yourself in the soul page: does not exist and you’ll never find! :-p
And if there were, it would not sign any contract under 60.000,00 EUR R.A.L.
and given the budgets that, in Italy, could hardly come at 28 / 32.000,00 EUR R.A.L.,
(I open the parenthesis of the “old SEO glory,” one of two “followers” who rubbed the customer database, now you would find in Amsterdam, and has also made a career (congratulations for the courage had to be gone from Italy – ed), to my knowledge. the student has surpassed the master :-p)
But why do “the average Italian” forever? This culture of “cunning” inherent in our DNA.
Then I also read about the comments of the “honest SEO” who says he wants to stay in Italy and why it is still not gone away …
We’ll all go away … Italy is not for the REAL professionals. Make no mistake about to become the new “positioning SEO wizards” for a site, your positioned for years, because of Google bugs.

All this to say what? That seo courses, offered by web agency that must make sales, or seo consultants no longer on the cutting edge, are practically useless.

Nobody gives anything. Let alone with a few hundred euro seo course, become “professionals.”
(Open parenthesis, were also invented the “master” Social Media and Web Marketing, just to get a few more hundred seo consultants with their personal sites).

In conclusion: what to do?
If you want to learn do it yourself, because even the “super magician SEO” has taught himself 15 years ago, when there were no “seo courses” and “web master marketing company”.
And why should I be the one to tell You what to do? I can not tell You do seo courses and web marketing.
Then the rest, you decide you or some “positioning magician.”
(I open a partentesi on a “positioning wizard” that made SEO and Web Marketing courses and he too disappeared from Google, because in the end his own students did so out :-p. He is now in London to enjoy your money. Bravo himself, although now burned by “rampant new levers of Italian SEO”).

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