SEO: how much patience you have to have? 3 months

the magic number is three or three months of patience.

Easy to say but not done.

Think you have a cool head, patience and perseverance necessary?
I highly doubt it.
cultural issues: you want “all at once”
But your problem is that the “all at once” on Google, does not exist.
So is Google that decides “how long the site will be the first in the search engines”
It is not SEO, and you are not you.
You can “alterarvi”, scream, check your ranking in S.E.R.P.s every day, hour, minute,
but you will not find your site.
Yet “I have paid the SEO” and in a week you do not see anything on Google.
According to you, we have cheated your money, and it’s not working, is it?
So much so that it takes to do SEO?

Customers too hasty and airhead secretaries of companies’ Co. rampant with even 12,000 of share capital into Euro “which is believed to be the new Google, and think they treat us as if we were SEO” cannon fodder “.

Erroneous conception of the business, but we are Italian, and Italy “on” (rotten system – ed) works like this:
a person earns, and everyone else can not earn more than 1,500 euros Net per month.
No matter if you saved from trouble, and if you double the turnover, we are slaves to the CEO’s dependencies, daddy’s boy, or impresario (crook – ed) who built his “empire” with little clear methods, and those 4 money he has in the bank, it is believed the new Italian Scrooge.

Do SEO, it is not easy, for the simple reason that Google, “turns the tables” cards at will and without warning.
It’s not the SEO to decide the success of your small, medium, or large business, but is Google.
And the other search engines?
Well, others simply do not exist anymore: they are gone!

So, we are talking about a multinational company that is Google, and your small, medium, an Italian company, which woke up after years of hibernation, after which came the Chinese and Indians to “steal” your business in Italy and all ‘ abroad.
Too late?
All is not lost …

You would see your site “in the first position of Google” :-p (not even in the top 30 – ed) and to achieve this plan to do the “penny-pinching” or treat your staff / employees as if they were SEO “cannon fodder”?
(Whole, ie the top 10 rankings on Google for your chosen keyword! 😉 In some cases we are successful, but in other cases: “hold fast to the tram” I open small parenthesis: Lately ask me the first page: – p – ed)

Customer Analysis SEO, average:
Wrong conception of life and from every kind of misleading thoughts in the medium to long term strategy.

SEO, not a miracle worker.
The power of SEO, is directly proportional to the budget that your company is willing to invest in him, in the medium to long term.

Do you want to invest only 2.500,00 Euro per year? Expect results for this price.
You want to invest 60,000.00 per year? Expect results proportionate to the amount invested.
Simple to understand (if you want to understand – editor’s note).

SEO advice for free?
Are we joking?
And who we have become your “slaves”? Besides being SEO “cannon fodder”, even slaves, and work for free, because you want “a quote” :-p
But what do you want to quote that sends you, unless you have money to invest?
Why do you want me to spend time with your e-mail?
Oh, yeah, right, to corsettino SEO Web Marketing 350 Euros you have done, and with whom “enlightened” have explained to you “the right way”, the techniques to be used, in various “baby food ready” also they told you contact at least 20 SEO, and ask (obsessively – ed), to have “a quote” SEO :-p indeed, the budget you have already received the first 10 desperate SEO who answered you (but why you do it ? – ed), now you want the analysis and free marketing strategy, which would cost 20,000.00 euros, and that SEO should make you free? :-p

But we are in Italy, and the ” average Italian “does not want to understand.
“The industrialotto of the province, with its” rampant srl “think individually, and individually under the illusion of growth.

Today, it is not only the Google algorithm to decide who will be “the first in the search engines.”
Today, there are human beings who assist “the computer”.
Today, you’re on Google, but tomorrow you do not know.
And whose fault is it if the site disappeared from Google?
The fault lies with the SEO, of course :-p, not your ;-): “I have paid with money jingling”
and he had to “guarantee you” the result.
Pity then came a Google editor, and put away your site.
You are able to understand how it works, Google today?

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