Internet – Samsung ready to buy BlackBerry for 7.5 billion dollars

Samsung, would offer 7.5 billion dollars to buy BlackBerry, and its patents.
Operation that had to be “top secret”, in fact the two companies deny and do not confirm the news.
Rumors had grown the title of the BlackBerry + 30%.
Subsequently the denials, the value of the BlackBerry shares plunged by -14%.
This, however, means that there is a real interest from the shareholders to the merger between Samsung and BlackBerry happen.
The news is reported by several newspapers in U.S. ..
Between Samsung (Korean company) and BlackBerry (Canadian company) is hypothesized an agreement between 6 and 7.5 billion dollars.
Offered between 13.35 and $ 15.49 per share.
For the formalization of the offer acquisition between Samsung and BlackBerry, though, we’ll have to wait.


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