E-Commerce: Social Media no longer affect purchases. After the fashion of the company.

The first question is: There is that social media have never really influenced purchases?

Who goes on Facebook, Twitter, etc. etc. etc., there should be on their own time.
So much “fooling around” and little ROI for the companies.
It is always known, but “fashion is fashion”
and social media have entered the heads (with little gray matter? – ed) to each of those who wants to ride the new wave.

Facebook’s revenue has nothing to do with the ROI of advertising campaigns on social media.
Facebook is one thing, your online campaigns on Facebook are anything but.

And millions of Italians who use them, use them in a “passive” like TV, they’re there, just to pass the free time.
Why should speak well of a product (of your – editor’s note) in their spare time on social media?

In fact, less than two years, by the last “glorious” research on Social Media, as the saying goes: “the rub”
(And all the sheep who followed the donkey in the last two years – ed).

The global report was produced by Capgemini, interviewing over 18,000 digital customers in 18 countries.

The physical store has a lot of importance for 72% of respondents.
67% consider the online store, which is important.
Social Media is in decline and do not affect purchases for e-commerce sites.


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