Yahoo! Yahoo! Directory will close permanently by the end of 2014

After 20 years the oldest and most important web directory: closes, because search engines are faster than a directory in the search of information.

And to think that Google did not even exist when Yahoo! Directory began to provide millions of users around the world lists of sites, ranked for each category, selected by its editors.

In 1994, Yahoo! Directory was known as “Jerry’s Guide to the Web and David”

In 1995, Jerry Yang and David Filo created: Yahoo!

In 1998, official year of the launch of Google, the search engine unknown to anyone, Yahoo! Directory was the most popular site for web users.

Yahoo! Directory had already ended, December 10, 2009, in various countries: in Italy, France, Germany and Spain.

What about 20 years of glory and history, Yahoo! Directory, that those who have online experience he will never forget …


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