Entertainment – eBay and PayPal are divided into two independent companies

http://winevault.ca/?perex=online-stock-trade EBay and PayPal (eBay company for online payments – Ed) will be two independent companies since the year 2015.
Approved the “spin off” of PayPal in 2015.


But why eBay is separated from PayPal?


see According to some theories, this decision is linked to the two main players:
– Apple
– Alibaba


http://foodintravel.it/zenzero-dieci-benefici?mashsb-refresh%20and%201%3D1 Apple has just launched its own payment system ApplePay
and Alibaba was listed on the stock exchange.


http://www.siai.it/?ityies=ttrading-binario-con-l-agenzia-dell-entrate&aec=02 For over 10 years, eBay and PayPal have been joined two companies, and have reaped the benefits of being together.

http://tiffin.my/bilwoer/7338 eBay-PayPal