Blogging – Christmas 2017, search eBay: Italian late for Christmas gifts

As per tradition, the “average Italian” always does everything at the last minute:
from travel, to Christmas presents.

The technology is women, which in 74% of cases, they think to make purchases of Christmas gifts online, through e-commerce sites.

Is the data emerging from some research commissioned by eBay ahead of the Christmas holidays.

– 44% of adults who seeks inspiration for gifts online, using the internet before deciding
– 46% of people who start to think about the real Christmas to put under the tree only to December
– 14% do not plan to address before the last week before Christmas
– 3% wait for the very last days of Christmas available.

Also confirmed for Christmas 2014, the trend “last minute”:
the peak day for purchases on e-commerce site eBay, is scheduled for December 15.

Who will take care of Christmas presents?
– Women (74%) with an average of 10 gifts, and an average cost of Euro (€) 185,00
– Men (29%) with an average of 7 gifts, and an average cost of Euro (€) 204.00

Where you will spend more for Christmas gifts?
1) Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta: with an average cost of Euro (€) 222,00
2) Lombardia: with an average expenditure of Euro (€) 213,00

To be expected for the Christmas gift?
– The partner / companion / a / girlfriend / boyfriend
– to children

Forecasts declining, according eBay, for sales in Coomerciali centers:
– 34% of Italians will use a mobile phone: smartphone and / or tablet to buy direct at least one Christmas gift.


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