Cars & Transport | USA: Sales OnLine at + 24.3%, in the Black Friday

For the uninitiated: What is Black Friday (Black Friday)?

Black Friday is a particularly important day for trading in the United States.
It is a good indicator for both the predisposition to purchasing, both for the ability of US consumer spending, and is carefully observed and expected by all financial analysts is that the stock market: American and international.

The United States is the first Friday following the Thanksgiving Day (Thanksgiving):
in U.S.A. is the starting day for the season of the “Christmas shopping”.
In connection with it, all the larger retail chains and major brands, making substantial discounts and promotions to entice customers to purchase, in order to increase sales.

There have been numerous online sales during Black Friday (Friday, November 25, 2011).
Sales on the web increased by 24.3%, according to data released by the Wall Street Journal.

Reporting a 39.3% of online sales on Thanksgiving Day.
Now dli observers U.S.A., focus on Cyber ​​Monday, which is the most awaited day for online discounts.

Italy and what happened?
Queues, jostling and crowds throughout Italy in the sale points where were Coin for sale 5,000 pieces (in “limited edition”) of duvets of a famous brand at just 10 Euros.
The initiative had charity and all the down jackets were sold in a few hours.

Hundreds of people have queued since dawn in front of Coin stores.
Word of mouth on the Internet did the rest.

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