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Companies are always looking for professionals who have experience but who could also speak the languages. So in addition to the experience, it is required to know the level of Chinese native speakers.

So it is not always possible to find a Chinese SEM in Italy, and you have to go abroad, even if some company is under the illusion that the Chinese may have experience as SEM Specialist and they can also speak Italian! Pure science fiction! Yet the classic agencies NOT work, they are racing to look for the SEM Specialist Chinese in Italy. But you know them the Chinese in Italy? That not even speak Italian! And you even look for a SEM Specialist Chinese? And the fleeing companies (or pretend to escape by opening legal headquarters abroad, but doing business in Italy – ed).

For those few Italians with a minimum of intelligence still remained in the brain, and not taken from “mania abroad at all costs” do a bit of the situation of what being SEM Specialist.

Specialist SEM – Search Engine Marketing Specialist

Let’s start with NOT to be confused:
– SEO Search Engine Optimization
– SEM Search Engine Marketing

They are 2 different things that require two different roles:
– SEO Specialist (deals with: Indexing, Optimization and Placement of Organic Results on Search Engines)
– SEM Specialist (is responsible for: managing PPC campaigns (Pay-Per-Click) / CPC (Cost-Per-Click) results in a fee on Search Engines)

SEO is the SEM, require a budget to manage.
For budget NOT means the cost of the employee SEO or SEM!
For budget it means that once hired Specialist SEO or SEM Specialist, there will be a monthly amount / quarterly / half-yearly / yearly, to invest in SEO and / or SEM.

You do not have a budget? I thought that the Internet was “all free”?
At maybe you should consider yourself to dedicate yourself to the noble art of agriculture 😉
Look at it this way: do SEO and / or SEM activities is a “luxury” that not everyone can afford.
If you have no money to invest, you forget to be able to count on the support of an SEM Specialist (professional and not the “pischelli” who tell of being SEM, after doing the classic “corsettino for illusionists SEM 350 Euros” that are scattered for the network with their personal sitarelleri and / or mono-pages.
Same goes for SEO Specialist.

The double figure of the SEM / SEO Specialist exists only in the heads (delayed – ed) of the NOT the employment agency consultants, who delude themselves to enslave people into doing two roles in one, but paying half as a single role. Obviously there are professionals with SEM and SEO skills, but you’ll pay them twice and not half!
But we are in Italy alas … the land of the “general rush” and “scoundrels of the neighborhood” that still think of only one thing: “fool the next.”

Let us return to Chinese SEM Specialist

Looking for the Chinese in Italy and writes the ad in Italian!
But if the Chinese do not know ‘and read nor write in Italian, I DO NOT work agency
go to write the announcement of the SEM Specialist Chinese in Italian?
But you are just out of this world!
You HR / Recruiter with the rotten core, you think only about money and customer “svendete” professionals for 4 pence!

If you are looking for a Chinese, write in Chinese, otherwise you’ll never find!

The real problem is that these “geniuses” who seek (and the customer, poor deluded – Ed) SEM Specialist Chinese, do not even know how to write in Italian! and menano much with the fluent English and Chinese!
When’s the SEM Specialist Indian?
But we want them to work the interpreters and those who have studied languages ​​or not?
Or should we all become multi-Lungu translators for each Vs. “enlightenment”?

And if a trying day even the HR / Recruiter Chinese, you, how would you react?

Fear eh?
Given that you can not even write in Italian, who knows what would you do! Worse than those who, alas, sleeping on the street!
People who have no guilt, apart from the HR / Recruiter looking for an SEM Specialist Chinese! They deserve Ns. best wishes to learn the Chinese language in order to work in Italy!

skills required for SEM Specialist

– At least 2 years experience as SEM
– Creating campaigns for Ad-Server
– Creativity / template (but this is the stuff of graphics / web designer! What does the SEM Specialist? – Ed)
– Setting up Google AdWords account (the “configuration”: D who knows which operation will never be so complicated!)
– Campaign Optimization SEM
– Periodic reports
– Display advertising campaigns knowledge (when it comes to “Ad-Server” it is normal that it comes to diplay, but do not tell for HR / Recruiter of the moment that are quite “pemalosetti” – ed) –
– Creation of template (in this case: it is the task of the graphic / web designer! Let alone the SEM Specialist, and even seek for a graphic / web designer! Starvation deaths no money for co-workers, but with the full portfolio for vs. “vices”! – ed.)
– Excellent knowledge of Google Adwords
– Good knowledge of HTML
– Javascript

and now comes the “icing on the cake for SEM Specialist who was” stoked “to have all the skills required!
Hold fast !!!!
– Indispensable fluent in Chinese language

We tell him together with the HR / Recruiter?
Yes, come on, let’s face !!! Let’s rein, at least in writing to Ns. anger and frustration!
– Indispensable fluent Chinese language skills for SEM Specialist?

Answer: But go to hell in China: HR / Recruiter sold !!!
Good. China chapter closed.
Who wants to hear, and who is not, if they make a right!

Roles of SEM Specialist

Talking about serious things, we analyze the skills required to SEM.

The SEM Specialist must possess skills in online marketing, web marketing and internet marketing,
and it must also have analytical skills and verbal and written communication.

SEM professional is also expected to know the major search engines, the network of research sites for a fee in Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook.

The excellent analytical skills and use of monitoring software, and the identification of technical problems make it an SEM Specialist rapid development of solutions and proposals for the development of business.

SEM Specialist and Landing Page

If you do not know the meaning of Landing Page, well then, you can not consider yourself a true SEM Specialist!

In order for the CPC SEM / PPC campaigns are to be successful, you need to use the Landing Page

The clicks you pay (expensive, very expensive – ed) and therefore, it is appropriate to monetize the incoming traffic on your site, otherwise you will have thousands of visitors and 0 (zero) turnover.

I often read online on definitions of SEM, and / or interviews with various characters, but no one ever enters into the details of their business (who knows why – ed).

And in the end they have not found the SEM Specialist Chinese!

That’s weird! Maybe the Chinese in addition to copy all the made in Italy, now, will begin to also copy the SEM Specialist: D. But I have found them, namely: the “talent scout of Chinese” in Italy.
It ‘a company on the brink of bankruptcy. They have no internal employees but “external collaborators”, enslaved by the contracting agencies contracts. Usual Italian stuff.

My curiosity and my question: why look for a SEM Specialist Chinese in Milan?

I had to ask … was stronger than me.
I had before “the architect” of this series of research “made in China”.
To my question: “but why look for a SEM Specialist Chinese in Milan?”
The answer: “because customers who request it”

Customers seeking the SEM Specialist Chinese in Milan, who are they?

To this question, even there is no answer, but I’m investigating. Sooner or later he will arrive also to the customer “estimator” of the Chinese: D

And Chinese translators what happened?

Well, now those are no longer needed.
Now it is fashionable to have more of the target market language skills,
in short, you are a SEM Specialist and want to work in Italy?
Start to learn Chinese, if you want to work, otherwise you will have all the experience of the world, but will not be enough, because “their customers demand it.”

But the extent to which “the customer” can affect your life?

Lack of backbone and character …
You need to know “show the way” to the customer set with SEM Specialist Chinese.
We have already passed the point of no return in Italy, where “you do everything for the customer”
without taking into account the skills and expertise of the internal team, “you do what the customer wants.”

And if it is the customer who decides everything, you who “passively wait” what good are you?

Thou hast never asked the question (simple, simple – ed)?
What need you, if you are not able to “shew the way” to those who want the SEM Specialist Chinese at all costs?

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