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In 2014 he was much talked about Content Marketing, and most likely 2015 will be the year in which the theory and you will talk to the facts.

Google and the other search engines are becoming more “aggressive” with both penalties manuals with those of its algorithms related to the search engine.

Investing in Link Building Strategies for someone no longer makes sense, while for others it remains the “cornerstone” of the whole “the scaffolding SEO”.

The best answer is always given by our experience. The chatter only make us waste time.

Therefore, we will test on our skin if a Content Marketing Strategy can be successful or not without the support of Link Building activity in support of SEO strategies.

As a start, we will evaluate the results shown on the search engines of sites competing with those of the client, then analyze each site individually present and placed on Google for the keyword (keyword – ed) request.


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