CV and Personal Branding

You are in Italy, you think? To be in an “advanced” country?
You’re wrong big time! 100,000 Italians “run away” every year away from Italy (and will never return, even for the holidays – ed).
So what to do?
Parts you too?

But you know, you can not leave, otherwise you’d be light years party!
Family, girlfriend, or wife will “hold still here”?
Or the English language you do not know to native level – Level C2?
(We know that the Italian is a useless language even in Italy, let alone abroad – ed)

So whether you like it or not: You’re here in this “beautiful country” that,
We have to “survive” and adapt to the “uses and average Italian consumption”.

You are in a backward country made of old that hinder your future, to preserve your benefits (for them and for their “circle” and family).
There is always a reason and a cause to everything.

Do you think that sending your CV is sufficient, with all those Recruiter and HR, exasperated, that are inundated with hundreds of resumes a day?

Stopped, and not be “the usual Italian sheep.”
If you are a manager: Make Personal Branding yourself.

Why do Personal Branding?
You know how many unemployed people are there in Italy?
3.5 million (and will increase still, unfortunately … – ed) of desperate people every day they send resume as if they were “scratch”
for job positions that have nothing to do with their skills.

And you? You have sent your resume “in target” for the job as a manager of your dreams?
You, “will you attack the tram” because your resume will be lost “in the street”
among the hundreds of CVs of managers that many will receive Recruiter and HR and not read.

So what to do?
The magic word is: Personal Branding.

Yes, you read that right: you have to make Personal Branding.
You must retain your contacts and “show them what you’re worth and what you can do.”

But how ?????
You were so busy writing your resume, “optimizing” from year to year, with your experience as a manager, and now laws that your resume is not enough?

True, very true.
I tell you from experience: your resume is not good for nothing.
You have to do personal branding to “convince” others of your skills.

You are in Italy, and the Italian does not trust the Italian, even if you “enslaved by an alien”
which arrives in Italy with the bag full of money (but that’s another story – editor’s note)

Promote themselves online means doing Personal Branding.

If any book you read you did not help …
and if you are a manager with a budget to invest …

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