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SEMrush according to many SEO and SEM would be the best tool, then a professional tool.


SEMrush It is not a free SEO tool

Everything in life has a price. SEMRush costs (not much – ed) but costs.
Will your small / medium / or big investment!

You decide your monthly subscription plan:
PRO ($ 69,95 dollars a month)
GURU ($ 149,95 dollars a month)
BUSINESS ($ 549,95 dollars a month)



Do not be scared! Remember that you will pay in euros instead of dollars!
So prices in Euro are much lower!

If you are (or think you are – ed) a professional, or even if he would like to become
SEMrush is your investment.

You spend a lot of money on crap, why not invest a few dozen euros a month for your profession?



All SEO and SEM use SEMrush, but they do not say! And ‘their “secret” to be the “cool” with reports and analysis of competitors
SEMRush is Help for anyone involved in SEO and SEM. And ‘faster than normal SEO Software SEO Program.

SEMRush is one (the) more Advanced Search Tool on the market today
for analysis Keywords of Your Competitors!

Unbelievable but true!

We thought that Google had made “a clean sweep” with “not provided”
but thanks to SEMrush the statistical data “hidden by Google Analytics”
They are now visible to all.

SEMRush what is it?

We start by saying that SEMRush is not ‘an SEO Program and / or SEO Software (for those who prefer to search in English).
Usually every 2 years, Google will ban the most important top SEO Program in the world rankings,
therefore, every 2 years (and sometimes even each year – ed) you will be dealing with the new SEO Software “test”
and buy, with the hope that Google will not banni the IP connection to the third!

Analyze SEO side user requests on SEMrush

SEMrush webinar

For some time, fortunately, you can attend the SEO webinar in Italian

SEMrush opinions

Difficult to find someone willing to reveal his secrets on this SEO analysis platform.
However, we will try to update this section, whenever we have the authoritative opinions.

SEMrush italian guide

SEMRush is not an SEO program for placement on Google

SEMRush is a SEO software for placement on Google

SEMRush you can “classify” as one of the many SEO tools

SEMRush and the “secret of SEO puffin”
Everyone uses it, and nobody talks about it, or pretends not to know him!

SEMRush guide in Italian

SEMrush in numbers:

510 731 professional SEO and SEM
use SEMrush to find the best keywords
and online marketing ideas

Analyze data on
more than 90 million domains and 106,600,000 keyword

your organic competitors
and paid search strategies

the most profitable keywords
for your website

SEMRush is not for Positioning Web Sites Program (SEO Software)
but a SEO analysis web platform and also SEM analysis (Google AdWords)

SEMrush free

I’m sorry for you, email “free” has not existed for several years now.
A professional product can be used only and only after you buy.

SEMrush it is the new tool for Search Engine Marketing.

It has a 106 million keywords Database. Learn all about your competitors!

You know, how much competitors spend on Google AdWords? will tell!

How your competitors are spending on Google Adwords?

SEMRush is the key to unlocking the secrets of all your competitors.

SEMrush will teach you everything over your competitors.

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