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Quote SEO? How to make a request for your own website

Get a quote Seo is essential for any company that wants to make itself known on the Internet and know how much it might cost to promote their business through the web. When it comes to Seo refers to the so-called search engine optimization, ie optimization on search engines: in practice, it is the set of activities that are carried out so that the search engines to detect, analyze and read a website with their spiders.

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Simplifying a lot, a site with good SEO may appear in the first five search results from a user for a specific keyword; a site with a bad Seo may appear in the second or third page. Seo The costs vary depending on the amount and quality of actions that must be carried out. In fact, the optimization is only one part – albeit important – of a wider context, which is that of web marketing: in other words, the search engine marketing and web.

Resort to Seo allows users that perform work on engines to quickly find the site being promoted. Precisely for this reason the price Seo initially could represent a substantial investment, but in fact it is paid off in a short time, because the optimization favors an increase in the number of visitors, and in particular the qualified traffic volume: in short, not users random that reaches your site without a specific path, but users who are interested in a specific manner to the proposals and site issues.

Knowing the right seo cost before each positioning strategy is essential

The advantages that one can draw from the optimization, that is, by positioning, are manifold: in summary, can translate into new perspectives, new customers and, therefore, in new sales. Resort to Seo is not child’s play: no need of professionalism and competence, but also a long experience in the industry and a thorough understanding of all the factors at play. In summary, a well-located site must have quality content, unique texts, an essential structure and a clean and appropriate graphics to the reference field.

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With regard to the HTML structure, for example, optimization can be obtained by introducing to the top of the HTML code important content and differentiating in a timely manner, evident and clear the titles of the different pages of a site, so as to make them as much as possible consistent with the content of the pages themselves, by highlighting the most relevant keywords. Very important, then, it is to resort to the HTML tag, which should as far as possible be relevant and consistent at the semantic level with the structure of the contents that are presented.

So the content is made more accessible to crawlers, could be a major confrontation with the WCAG specifications and ensure on every occasion of the formal validity of the page code. Also in the HTML level, acting in favor of Seo absence of unnecessary or uncontrolled information (which potentially could be harmful) through the <meta> tag: crawlers, in fact, take it into account, in the browser difference.

Ask many seo estimates, it is not a good habit. Better few but good

The prices Seo, as mentioned, take account of a large variety of elements, so that the optimization is as effective as possible. It shall, among other things, the images: to understand the importance of this activity is enough to think that the search for images is the second run on Google type search, after that for texts.

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Here, then, that the pictures and the images are to be indexed, so they can be investigated and reported by the search engines and increase at the same time the visibility of the page where they are located. To achieve this objective, the URL of the images must describe their contents; Furthermore, there must be an ALT description TAG, which is descriptive of the images themselves. The information that can be matched are many: Caption, for example, is a table that is used by the most important Cms and serving to describe the images.

As part of the optimization, then, special attention should be given to PDF documents: In order to be placed on the SERP correctly, it is essential to fill in the name of the file, remembering to use the hyphen between a key and the other. It should be remembered, then, that in the event that the documents in PDF not possess a title, it is attributed directly from Google: a procedure that is always better to avoid, to ward off the risk of errors. It is always preferable, therefore, indicate the title. In short, whether it is to optimize a text, place an image or make index a PDF file, the Seo is essential in order to introduce a site.

For organic ranking on Google for SEO costs can also be high

Among other things, it is said that you can use only to increase sales of a product or service: the purpose may be, for example, to acquire new contacts, or to induce more people to sign up for a newsletter , and so on. Clearly, to achieve each of these objectives we need to focus on specific strategies, provided that a few basic operations do not vary.

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In addition to the optimization of the HTML code, in fact, it is essential to analyze the context in which the site will fit (and especially to consider the competitors), develop a proper architecture for the site, creating appropriate content and engage in link building, with links not only incoming but also outgoing. Obviously, the techniques can be exploited together, and one does not exclude the other.

The Seo gives no immediate results, but with a view to longer term, the medium term and if the cost initial Seo optimization may appear high, one must bear in mind, in fact, that it will pay off in the medium and the long term. In fact, the Seo ensures the lowest operating costs, both in the case in which is implemented since the creation of a site, both in the case in which there is subsequently to occur. of lower operating costs means, essentially, lower expenses for web marketing and, above all, a higher ROI, ie the return on investment. The benefits are, as mentioned, long-lasting, with the visibility of the site that remains constant even with the passage of time.

Each estimate seo can vary according to the target site and the industry / competition

It is worth pointing out that it is said that the application of the procedures listed above is a guarantee of results in short, is not enough to Seo, but we need a Seo done well. And it is for this reason that the evaluation of estimates Seo must take account not only of prices but also of the proposals, strategies and professionalism of the web agency to which it is addressed, in order to obtain the best possible result.

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The variables involved, on the other hand, are many: why those promises with absolute certainty to ensure first place in the search results most likely he is lying. This does not mean that the Seo is essential for almost all sites: for those of news, for example, that need to place the pages that contain news based on specific keywords; but, above all, for those of businesses and professional activities.

If a time to look for a professional services resorted to the Yellow Pages, today – especially given the same time as the spread of mobile devices – those who want to be found and expand the market can not help but increasingly indispensable showcase like the web. Also bear in mind, moreover, an aspect that apparently may seem trivial but actually is not, and that is that the order of the search results will change from time to time depending on the user requirements, which means in practice, hardly a site will be ranked first in the search results for all user queries.

The seo prices are variable and it is wise to plan before a positioning strategy

And why it is good to evaluate what are the keywords under which you want to be found: the web agency in charge of a website Seo works positioning studying the most searched keywords in the field, and checking their correspondence with site requirements, always keeping in mind the users’ behavior.

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As an example, for a shoe store in Milan it will be important to ensure that your site appears in the top search results on Google by typing its name, but it will be just as important, if not more, than your site appear in the first search results on Google by typing “shoe store in Milan.”

And, to make this possible, it is important to consider a long series of technical aspects: the structure of the URL, the choice of the domain name, the assignment of the different page titles, inbound links, the associated descriptions (the so-called meta description), outbound links, and the speed at which pages load represent only a small part of the reasons for which a site can gain or lose positions in search results. In summary, it can be argued that the Seo talk at the same time to two different targets: the search engines, on the one hand, and users on the other. Two different targets, yes, but complementary and each one is essential.

A “living” site is synonymous with quality. The refresh rate of a website

Here, then, that the Seo prices are justified by the fact that the total work to be done is very broad. This is not, in fact, to simply cram the pages of a site with keywords, though many are still filled portals keywords without any proper semantic combination. Google has now acquired the ability to effectively penalizing, making them climb several positions in search results, sites that include content shoddy, poorly written, not relevant to the research or copied.

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On the other hand, to be awarded are the original texts, written well, consistently updated, linked to other quality texts and appreciated by users (eg with social sharing). Merely enter keywords in the content is wrong, and feel negatively both the search engines that users: quality is essential. We must never forget, on the other hand, that the concept of optimization of texts (and content in general) for the search engine is only a means, and not the ultimate goal.

It is not, in other words, to catch just clicks, but to attract the attention of internet users and then make sure that they remain on the pages of a site. The fact that a site is among the top positions of the SERP is not the ultimate goal, but the first step of a much more complex and elaborate path.

In conclusion the price seo is variable depending on bidding on Google

If Google is the most immediate counterpart, the user is the party on the medium and long term. True, Google at present is capable of penalizing those who produce the shoddy content; but even if it were not for Google, would be the same users to penalize the content of lesser quality. Their dissatisfaction would be the reason why the monetization of ranking would stop. The end customer is not the search engine, but the user: and it is for this reason that Seo is a strategy (or rather, a set of strategies) as elaborate, it can not fail to remember to reliable and professional web agency .

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In the moment in which it produces a content key Seo, choose the right keywords is not enough, so as not enough to achieve the most effective snippet: it is, instead, to create what a user (or better, the user to you are addressing) search the web, and at the same time to put at his disposal in the best possible way, in the way he wants to find it. This means to have a good copywriting: no turn of phrase, dense content, circumlocution minimized, the “juice.”

The right mix of form and substance is what draws a web reader, remembering that a site that wants to sell a product or service must determine the visitors a relationship of trust, in order to induce them to perform the desired actions, you whether to register for a newsletter, leave a comment under a video or simply to go shopping. Seo means, then, reliability, safety, professionalism, trust, quality, ambition and attention to detail.

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