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How to remove the penalties of Google from your site?

It is no longer enough to report all unnatural links built / bought.
For Google to evaluate the removal of the penalty of your site you need to clean up the links profile penalized website.

Request for Reconsideration of the site in Google

After the end of “clean up” the misdeeds of your site by rogue activity of Link Building,
you must submit the reconsideration request to the Google team and monitor the progress of the request and any updates that will be asked by Google to “appear” again your site in the search engine.

Methodologies and SEO Tools for removal of the penalties

Many former customers of the web agency “important” do not know where and how to “head banging” (not against a wall – ed). There are indications necessary to follow to make a request for reconsideration with success on Google.

SEO analysis of website links Internet

How to figure out who “jumped” the site and why he did it?
For the full profile of the links and be able to “interact” with Google, you should first have a list / list of all the websites that have put a link to your web site.
There are various tools online and also search engines offer the dedicated sections: Google and beyond.
You’ll either try to download the lists of links that point to Vs. website.

How to detect unnatural links and when you remove them?

We analyze the cases where it is appropriate to remove the unnatural links to your website.
If they come from a directory, or a site that publishes articles and reviews in both free form and fee. Sites that offer affiliations and various advertising solutions. If they come from adult sites.
And also sites that have the classic lists of “friends links.” Same goes for “off target” sites that are not on the country or the language of your website.

The request for removal of the penalty by Google

The evaluation of the links can be simple or very complex. This SEO analysis, depends on the amount of links that “point” to your website. And ‘advisable to check the quality of incoming links if they are low, medium, or high quality. For this reason we must make a “ranking of links” and be very careful about this, because it will determine the success and / or failure of your request to remove the penalty from Google. Typically the “classification” is made according to the domains (websites – ed) that have linked your website. Only in the most extreme cases it is advisable to do the SEO analysis of each URL (internet page – Ed) of your site. Therefore, you must not panic deleting all incoming links because you could be yourself to worsen the situation, causing loss to your website, additional placement obtained in Google removing links “good” instead of eliminating the “bad” .

How to check the links?

First of all it is necessary to distinguish the links that lead from those “no-follow”, which are irrelevant to the internet site ranking. It makes no sense to contact the sites that you have linked with the “no-follow” attribute, because as written above, these links have no value for the purposes of positioning on Google. Again, there are programs (for a fee – ed) which will allow you to easily identify the links with the “no-follow” attribute, from normal and, therefore, good and necessary to place the site in search engines.

Contact web sites that you have linked

To request the removal of “uncomfortable” links there is no “magic wand”. This is a time consuming and must be addressed with patience and “cold blood”. You’ll have to know how to communicate in a civil manner with the people that you have linked, without bragging legal action and / or childish threats. Therefore, we need to be able to have e-mail, and phone numbers of those who linked. Again there are programs (for a fee – ed) which will help to identify the addresses of Web sites that you have linked. For better accuracy of the information still we suggest you do this manually, in order to avoid having incorrect data and / or trigger misunderstandings.

How to SEO request removal of unnatural links to Google?

We came to the part “more operational” to eliminate unnatural links from Google that “link” on your website. So the first step is the “confession” that you’ll have to “humiliate” in front of the eyes of Google (was not even God – ed) and you will need to do the “mea culpa” admitting your wrongdoing and promised never to do it again more (a little as you do with the naughty children – ed). If you’re ready to “denudarti” ahead of Google and admit faults that are not yours, well, you’re ready to this step for the removal of unnatural links. And so there you just have to write to Google, “to its knees” and ask “pity” to use pages “indicted” and very, very politely (because otherwise the world of Internet hosts Americans are offended – editor’s note) you say you are doing everything possible to resolve the situation, in the best way.

But words are not enough. What did you think your words were sufficient? You have to document everything that you wrote to Google.

As usual by “good Italian” you thought your “wind chatter” were sufficient to convince Google Americans? And do not, you were wrong and you’re wrong. Your words have no value if they are not supported by the facts and by the necessary documentation. You’re already tired right? In fact this is not a simple task, you can not improvise or ask a professional to do this to your nephew or brother “geek” without paying a SEO professional to fix the mess you’ve done with your “DIY” handicraft / improvised . So what to do? Put the soul in peace and contact an SEO or persevere with the “classic DIY”? You want to persevere with the “do it yourself”? Ok, then you must send the list of sites you’ve contacted, in addition to the number of links for each web site, with the date of each contact. In addition to the screenshots of the messages sent, and any responses received with even the screenshots of your requests made for the removal of links “bad.” You must also document any requests for payment. Of course, to expect that people will make all free? Continue to go wrong if you think that! On the internet aside from those who fuck (too right? – Ed) on social networks, people have no time to lose and do not work for free!

Send request by disavow Google Tool

Yes, you could not! Your requests are not considered, because the blame p also your and your behavior from “average Italian” who thinks to have everything for free, instead of paying for an SEO “cleaned up the online awareness”. It has left the road Tool Google: disavow. Here you have to specify for each site the reasons for which have not been answered and what are your actions required.

Site reconsideration request to Google

Come on, even if you want to do everything for free, at the end you can do it even alone and without paying a professional SEO ;-). We’ve tightened; a little bit, just to make you laugh (but also reflect – ed). Just go to Google and compile your site for reconsideration form to have a good chance of making it on their own! But even in this case, you will need to commit yourself by writing a summary of the work you performed with the disavow tool to remove the links including the ranking of poor or low quality web sites. Try to be as detailed as possible also in this case. Time and effort, reward your requests to Google.

SEO Mistakes to do

For lovers of the “do it yourself” should avoid sending requests to Google, do not complete all the data on the links, so do not rush and works well on the request before “RUSH” on Google and submit the form. Evita also to send a file disavow alone with low-quality links. You’re regretting the eyes of Google and so you have to be honest and report everything. also avoids pretend nothing after. E ‘need to monitor its request made to Google. Evita also send unreadable files. And of course, once you have been “forgiven” by Google remember that you do link building, otherwise no traffic to your website “immaculate.”

Activate Link Building Strategies SEO rise to the occasion

We’re the end. Within 2 weeks, you should receive an answer (positive and / or negative – ed) by Google. You’ve done everything you could do by sending your reconsideration request to Google. Now you just have to pray ;-). But do not fool yourself that everything will be as before. Traffic lost is lost forever now. You must organize from scratch and work hard on the SEO Strategies for Link Building, winning this time! So the watchword is “quality links” and “natural link” by its visitors. And if you do not know how to do it, for sure you will find a good SEO (fee – ed) which will help to bring users interested in your site and your products.

In desperate times, desperate measures. Create a new website for Google

The simplest way in our view still remains that of starting from 0 (zero) in all directions. With a new domain and new content, doing Link Building “reasoned” and quality. The links are and will remain in addition to content, the only two roads for the success of a website. There are no “tricks” or “shortcuts.” The era of Altavista (for those who have had the experience of knowing and working with this search engine – Ed) is over since Google has “eaten” Yahoo! from its rules, given that Google was the search engine Yahoo !. We are in a new “era” that of awareness of SEO, quality content and the natural link building.
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